By Krystal Heredia (Slauson)
Crisp air flows like a stream down the mountain crevisis and into the seemingly still valley.
...Pink cheeked as thought on the breeze I gaze lostly into the vast details that have graced this range,
that not only encompass me, but to which I owe my bewitching.
warmly gripped to my apple spiced tea as its sent blends with the jazmine sented air
Ghostly white flower awaken to praise the temporate September sun. As summer begins to cool, shadow foliage dances in anticipation of the orange season, where sunsets loom.
Aroma's a century old inspired by grandmothers, mothers, and daughters fill every room.
It is here I am awaiting Octobers enchanted gloom.
Amidst such striking transition , it must be sinful to wish change so soon?
To which I reply the pumpkins, squash, candy and costume!!!
After this rant my semi paled September day will resume.
But mind you sinister spirits, goblins, ghouls, and the whinny little children you so sloppily consume!
Come Octobers day first I will be grabbing my broom and riding out under the first full moon.....
Krystal Heredia September 16, 2017