Welcome to The Womom a website inspired by the immense scrutiny and unrealistic expectations placed on women. My name is Krystal and I am a 33 year old single mother of 6 children, yes you read that right 6 children!

My journey of both motherhood and womanhood happened well.. simultaneously. As you have probably imagined I was somewhat of a young mom. I was 19 through most of my first pregnancy and 20 years old when I delivered my first beautiful baby girl! Not quite how one would think of a teenage pregnancy. However not mature enough to know exactly what I had gotten myself into.

There in-lies the question Do we as woman/mothers "WoMoms" ever fully know what we are in for, when it comes to creating a new life and being fully responsible for it? Sure there are mistakes to be made along the way. Is there any real way to be prepared for having our hearts walk around outside of our bodies? To be prepared for the complexities of pregnancy and childbirth? In such a conflicted world Why are we expected to set aside all that we have worked to become as women as individuals as human beings? Are we doing this thing right?

My mother told me at a young age " baby girl if you don't take care of yourself, how are you ever going to take care of someone else? But wait.. the last thing we seem to do as mothers is take care of ourselves. In fact all too often we are made to feel extremely guilty as though we are not good mothers if we take care of ourselves first. Who decides this? regardless of who decides it  you might be shocked to know  other WoMom's are too often the enforcers of  painful, unrealistic, and damaging stereotype.



Imagine a place where you can be yourself and praised for your unique opinions, dress, attire, profession, age, body type, desires and yes your style of sexy.. we may be moms but we are not dead yet. A network of WoMom's who teach their children to love, embrace, respect and be themselves by doing it themselves. Welcome to "The Womom" I look forward to comments, questions, and stories from my viewers moms,moms to be, foster moms, stepmoms, and etc all are very welcome here! let's change the way we are expected to behave!

Men just in case you thought I forgot about you, have you noticed a change in your girlfriend or wife since the onset of motherhood? Are you curious to know what she may think is sexy now? Knowing the way your other half thinks is key! I may not be able to speak for all women but I can give you some insight through my eyes as a WoMom in my taboo section! enjoy..